Amazon's 1-Click Patent Is Expiring, Good News for Mobile E-Commerce

Amazon’s patent on 1-click ordering has expired, creating opportunity for mobile ordering on apps and websites - specifically in the area of consistency.  The patent forced other e-commerce sites to pay Amazon a licensing fee. 

It will now be easier for retailers to implement their own 1-click ordering systems and streamline the purchase process and potentially reducing cart abandonment. 

Mobile commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, with U.S. sales forecast toincrease more than 50% this year. Shopper conversion rates, however, are not keeping pace and many think the culprit is a difficult checkout process. Mobile shopping cart abandonment hovers around the 78% mark, while desktop abandonment is 70%. 

Mobile payment technology has continued toimprove. There are now many competing systems, such asWalmart Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.