The Retailer of the Year Was Your Smartphone

2017 was the tipping-point year for smartphone shopping.  Almost half of online Black Friday purchases came from smartphones, and increase of more than 15% from last year. Traffic from desktops decreased, making smartphone purchasing the most popular method of ordering online.

The trend continued during Cyber Monday, when 45% of site visits and almost 20% of revenue came from smartphones. This represented a 21% year-over-year increase in site visits and a whopping 41% increase in revenue. And here's another statistic - conversion rates from shoppers buying instead of just browsing increased by 12%, meaning that more people are getting used to converting the purchase on their smartphone.

Why the increase? Because more people own smartphones and have them available at all times. Also, the e-commerce apps have improved. Retailers continue to invest in the mobile shopping experience, streamlining processes, reducing steps, and improving security.

2018 should be an even bigger year for smartphone e-commerce.