Informed Delivery

Is Snail Mail about to turn into Cool Mail? The USPS’s new service, Informed Delivery, will email you images of every piece of mail you’re scheduled to receive that day. Wondering whether or not to wander down to your apartment building’s mail box? Check Informed Delivery first and see if anything interesting is scheduled to arrive. Expecting a check or maybe hoping to avoid a summons? Informed Delivery will let you know.

This could be a boon to marketers when the USPS takes the next step and includes clickable links with the images. Imagine launching a direct mail campaign with the ability to track the clicks, just like with digital. Imagine being a customer, seeing an image in the morning with a clickable link leading straight to purchase, and then receiving the physical mail later that day. Then there’s the added benefit for marketers of knowing that the consumer actually received the physical mail and probably looked at it, unlike email marketing where many — if not most — messages languish in spam folders.

It’s an opt-in service and entirely free. Currently Informed Delivery only shows images of envelopes but not packages or magazines. However, the service does give a status update of packages and allows for special delivery instructions. The USPS plans to include packages and magazines in the next phase of Informed Delivery.

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