E-Commerce Solutions

Marketway is fully integrated with Shopify, meaning that if you use Shopify as your shopping-cart platform, orders placed there by customers will automatically and seamlessly transfer to our order management system for fulfillment, and after fulfillment, shipping notifications (including tracking numbers) will automatically read back to your Shopify account and close the order. For more information about Marketway’s ability to integrate your Shopify account with its order management system, please send an email to sbalch@marketwaynj.com.

E-commerce sales have surpassed brick-and-mortar because of convenience. E-commerce also offers entrepreneurs a cost-effective way to enter the marketplace, which has led to an explosion of new products.

Marketway’s suite of e-commerce solutions helps you grow your online business, strengthening the buying experience for both your customers and business partners. Fully integrated with Market Manager™ (our proprietary inventory management and fulfillment software), Marketway’s e-commerce solutions enable swift and accurate transactions from front-end e-commerce website to shopping cart cashiering to back-end fulfillment and delivery to customer.

Supporting this effort is customized, cloud-based, real-time reporting and analytics, offering valuable information to help drive your business.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Marketway operates from a 250,000 square foot FDA-approved facility in Dayton, New Jersey. We process tens of thousands of shipments ranging from small packages to full pallets to trailer loads.

Products are stored in a clean, secure location adjacent to an efficient order-fulfillment processing center.

Our fulfillment operation ships most orders within 24 hours of receipt, sent via the delivery method that best suits your product’s requirements for speed and price.

We are masters of shipping and work in a consultative way  to find the best option.

We use the most cost-effective packing material consistent with quality presentation, cost, and environmental impact.

Our proprietary inventory control and order processing system (MarketManager™) provides a fully automated order-to-shipment model that reduces costs and gives you 24/7 access to crucial data.

Subscription Programs and Auto-Ship

Businesses thrive on repeat customers. Subscription and auto-ship programs give customers the convenience of having items shipped to them on a pre-determined schedule. Subscription and auto-ship programs also provide advance information to clients about inventory requirements along with reduced fulfillment costs due to once-a-month (or once-a-quarter) distributions based on customer requirements.

Marketway’s subscription and auto-ship platform is fully integrated with our proprietary fulfillment software (MarketManager™), so that customer reorders (either regularly timed through subscription or customer-controlled through auto-ship) flow seamlessly from payment processing to fulfillment to final delivery.

Inventory management is crucial, and Marketway brings decades of experience of coordinating items already in stock with those sent from just-in-time manufacturing facilities so that subscription packages can be shipped in an accurate and timely manner.

Kitting and Assembly

Marketway specializes in accurate and timely kitting, all controlled through our proprietary inventory software, MarketManager™.

We treat your products as if they were our own. Our packaging expertise provides sturdy and attractive packaging, and we consult with you about dimensions and weight factors to give you the lowest shipping costs.

Freight Management

Marketway coordinates shipments, large and small, including LTL and full-trailer. Our trucking rates are competitive, with trade shows a specialty, where pinpoint timing, convention hall requirements, and on-the-fly restocking is required.

International Product-to-Market Solutions

Globalization has created an economic model where transport between borders is open and fluid with minimal tariff and tax restrictions.

Marketway, through its network of partner-suppliers, manages the entire freight forwarding process for you, door-to-door, picking up products at the manufacturer’s doorstep and coordinating the entire supply-chain movement of goods, complete with real-time tracking information. We arrange for all transportation (air or sea), customs clearance and delivery to our facility in New Jersey for storage and/or consolidation and further forwarding to another destination.

Our extensive network of FDA-approved packagers allows us to import goods in bulk and have them packaged here in the U.S.

And finally, through our integrated suite of e-commerce solutions and distribution partners, Marketway helps international companies introduce their products to the U.S. in a cost-effective way.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile technology has revolutionized how we connect, think, work, act and transact with one other. Increasingly, our smartphones are becoming our primary communication devices.

Marketway is mobile-compatible in all areas, including inventory management and reporting.